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by challenging president obama and his health care reform law at the national prayer breakfast earlier this year. dr. carson not mincing words today, accusing washington of being out of touch with the american people. >> that's very sad that we have reached a point in our lives where so many people who feel that they're not represented anymore and this is something i want you people who are in congress and who are in the senate and who are in the white house to understand. you work for the people. you represent the people. >> harris: texas senator ted cruz firing up the crowd with his keynote address just a short time ago. his message defend liberty, the constitution and confront the nation's spending crisis head on. >> do we surrender or do we stand up now? on drones, do we surrender or do we stand up now? on spending, do we surrender or do we stand up now? on debt, do we surrender or do we stand up now? >> harris: molly henneberg live with the news at cpac. it got pretty loud as cruz was speaking. >> yes, there was a sense during this convenient that there t may be time for new voices, differe
have arisen in the context of whether u.s. law roe v. wade or what we've seen recently on gay marriage not just here but globally. i think the church that's been throughout its history a constant voice. it is the one thing that you can always go back to. and so there is that stability i think that this pope will want to maintain. >> kathy as quickly as you can, you heard what michael steele said about some of these traditional social issues, do you agree? >> i do agree. in fact, the fact that and he was jesuit was held against him a little bit in the past. at the last conclave there were some questioning of him in that regard. but he has in fact taken some bows and arrows from jesuit of a more liberal bent. so i don't expect anything but a continuation. >> very good. thank you ever so much. mary thompson great stuff all day today. >>> now we go from the spiritual to the material. that's what the kudlow show does. we had blockbuster retail sales. this economy is stronger than you think. that may be a triumph. president obama says there's no immediate debt crisis. he thinks we're clear
it personally and as a matter of policy and law, embedded in a broader effort to advance equality and opportunity for lgbt americans and for all americans." >> catherine: that of course, is former secretary of state hillary clinton. she's in a video produced by the gay rights advocacy group 'human rights campaign.' her public backing comes as the supreme court prepares to tackle the issue. arguments are set to begin next week, with a ruling by late june. new tonight. too old, too white and too insular to win. that's what an internal review by the republican party found -- about itself. now major changes could be on the way for the gop. tory dunnan has more on the harsh new report. >> reporter: the republican reboot is underway. >> as it makes clear, there's no one reason we lost. our message was weak; our ground game was insufficient; we weren't inclusive >> reporter: after a tough 2012 presidential loss and a senate seat reduction, the republican national committee released findings from its "autopsy" report. reaching out to more than 50-thousand people to look back and figure ou
't understand the law. at worst it is misleading the american people. as we all know now, the sequester is not a cut. this is federal spending. without the sequester continuing to go up. this is federal spending with the sequester continuing to go up. the difference between this and this is 2%. instead of being able to hire 100 additional t.s.a. agents, the government can only hire 98. these 3,000 new jobs, some of them could be to replace people that left. but some also are new jobs. why? because the president has the power to move money around. he can't take money from justice and send it to defense. but he can take money from the army and send it to the navy. he can send money from the g.s.a., the government services administration, which owns all these buildings in washington, and move it to some support staff. he can find ways to get the people to do the work that he needs, not withstanding his protest that he couldn't. >>brian: judge, in the sequestration legislation, it allows that flexibility? >> not in the sequestration legislation, brian. it's because we don't have a budget. e
. and what that means as a matter of law. >> the alleged condition at the time of the condition is a critical part of the state's case. >>> other news, texas equ everybodysearch joining the search for terrilynn monnette. they are looking for any sign of the 26-year-old or her car, last seen march 2nd outside a new orleans area bar where she was celebrating her nomination as teacher of the year. >>> i california skydiver talking about this morning about his terrifying fall after both his parachutes failed. craig's main chute got tangled, and his backup chute, also tangled. he began to spin, hit the ground at 30 miles an hour, and get this, just a few feet from iron stakes that hold up grapevines at a local vineyard. >> i landed parallel to the grapes, one of my last thoughts before i hit was i really hope i don't hit an iron spike, because it will would be messy. i knew it was bad when i was living it, and and when i saw the video, i'm like that's a lot worse than i thought. how did i walk away from that? how did i manage to survive? >> oh! he suffered just a separated shoulder and bumps and b
they did to law enforcement. he was telling priests not to come back to los angeles because they might be then subjected to lawsuits or subjected to law enforcement. you are saying you believe most cardinals, most people in leadership positions were counseling priests the same thing? >> i think when cardinal mahoney spoke of his behavior in the '80s and he was sincere, he said he did not know how to deal with pedophiles and didn't know how to deal with the priests. most issues he spoke of in public, most have not been confronted with and have not been told you deal with the issues you covered up. in my work in the media, 11 years i worked in roman catholic work, throughout latin america, most bishops and cardinals have participated in the behavior we are saying he was responsible for. i think it's unfair to pinpoint him because this is something the entire church has participated in, especially members of the hierarchy who did not know how to deal with it. >> right now, here in rome, everybody is talking about cardinal o'malley who went in after cardinal law, who did a miserable job, c
news. we're learning about a new challenge for the president's health care law, an application that runs 21 pages for the online version, over a dozen steps, some that have added questions. it's described as about as complex as doing your taxes and that's only the first part of the process toward getting your new obamacare health insurance. trace gallagher has more from our west coast news room, trace. >> reporter: if i can, megyn, take you back to when then speaker nancy pelosi said this about obamacare. >> we have to pass the bill so that you can find out what is in it away from the fog of the controversy. >> reporter: well, how is this for getting through the fog of controversy? if you want to find out what's in the bill, take a look at this, right? there's a little itty bitty pile on the right. that's the actual bill. that's 2700 pages. now, the original bill, there it is, that thing next to it, that tower, seven-foot tower, that's 20,000 pages, that's the regulations that go along with obamacare. now, of course that's silly, none of us has to go through and read that thi
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to change the law to do that and it took some time. he supports that, and then we have to be sure that it won't happen again, as much as we possibly can, and then stay with the victims. but the structures are in place now, the code has been changed. the thing is every time there's a new report, then everything happens yesterday instead of 20 or 30 years ago which is often the case now. >> there's the issue, i think for a lot of american catholics, of the impact that pope francis can have on cultural and political debates in america. gary bower, the evangelical leader in the united states, wrote something for "usa today" this week that caught my attention and i'll share it with our audience. as an evangelical, i was delighted that the last two popes were moral and theological giants, john paul ii and benedict roxvi introduced an er in which the cathric church offers confident rebuttal to the false promises of the secular world. how would you like to see pope francis influence american political debates? we have so many of them, whether it's abortion or gay marriage, how would you l
if we put some rules, some law around this that ensures due process, the rule of law and transparency. we should lead the way. the president should not allow himself to be coming up on the backside of this. he should be helping to lead this effort. you know, the reality is that there are legitimate uses of drones and there are some illegitimate uses of them. when people are not combatants, they should not be subject to target assassination. we should arrest people if they violated the law. we should only use this sort of technology in the circumstances to protect american lives to do so. but i think that the technology has outrun the rules. we've got to get a handle on this right away. i agree with poe did he say toe. >> there's been disagreement even amongst the republican party. i'm sure you saw john mccain criticizing rand paul who filibusternd and said paul is foolish to be worried about drones being used on americans on u.s. soil. who is right on that one? >> i probably would disagree with rand paul on 99% of all things. i am very glad that he used the power of the filibuster to
and get more into following the laws of reporting child abuse. >> reporter: he added that pope francis i asked for the blessing of the church as one of his first acts, showing he wants to listen and receive blessing. >> reporter: cara liu, ktvu channel 2 news. >> we posted pope francis i address to the crowd at st. peters basilica on our website, it is >>> democrats introduced their proposal for a budget. they went over the budget during a meeting. it calls for increases in spending and taxes. the democrat's budget would increase tax revenues over a trillion dollars over the next 10 years. >> the american went to the polls in support of. >> republicans introduced a proposal based on spending cuts. >>> president obama nominated a new embassador to libya today, deborah jones. if approved she will fill a post left vacant by u.s. ambassador chris stevens. he was killed in an attack in benghazi september 11 last year. >>> police scheduled a gun buy back program, cash for fire arms events have been popular. this is video from an earlier event. the program is planned for saturday
unwanted guns off the streets. critics say it's punishes law abiding gun owners. our question, will raising taxes on gun sales target the wrong people? maria? >> i don't know if this particular legislation will work, carol, but what i like, they are putting everything on the table in terms of trying to solve the issue of gun violence in this country, which is critical. should we focus on this? i don't think raising taxes will keep anybody that wants a gun from buying a gun. we should focus on other things also that have more bipartisan support, like the background checks and focusing on real solutions. i like this continues to be part of the debate. we need to continue to put everything on the table. >> ron. >> the real point of this, we have over a decade of silence about gun issues after al gore was defeated this is a very polarizing idea. i can see some blue states advancing it. very difficult beyond that. >> buzzer beater, 20 seconds on the clock. outrage, indignation, unrest, all because of this. the cool ranch doritos tacos locos, a much anticipated sequel to a menu favorite. customer
of it was not just that he was so much bet are than cardinal law who remains over there in the vatican, from boston, involved in all that cover-up. but he is a humble man who doesn't go for the trappings of power. the habit he pears. and he is kind of a franciscan kind of guy. and he is one as well. he didn't go for the big mansion. he got rid of that. and giving way some of the perks of office was a very important statement. humility is important. he is an honor priest and -- i have to say, we are watching something that is a real phenomena. for showbiz, there is nothing like the smoke. none of the pr guys in new york have come up with anything like this. never thought of anything this clever. have smoke come up, white if it is good, black if it's nothing app and at night, it's thrilling. look at faces of these people. they are so excited to be there. i wish i was there. >> let's go back to claudio. talk to chris's point about the feeling in the air. the rain but still the drama as even for the most cynical of people, it is infectious to see the reactions. this woman's face right now smiling with
wright: my son to this day and my daughter-in-law both feel that they are glad that they were there to take care of things and also to see him and and feel his body and so that it was very, very real. hunter s. thompson died at five forty-five p.m. february 20th, 2005. he was sixty-seven years old. >> sandra wright: he was born a genius and he was born with that charisma and he was also born with that tortured soul and where that comes from, i don't know. [ music ] >> bill: hey, good morning, everybody. what do you say? here we are on this wednesday, march 13th. great to see you today. it is the full court press. we are coming to you life from our nation's capitol. a lot going on here. a lot going on rome, too, where we are still waiting for a little white smoke to appear from the cis. ine chapel as prop that the cardinals have selected the 266th or elected, i guess, the 266th pope of the roman catholic church. meanwhile, here in our nation's capitol, president obama trips up to capitol hill. he meets with senate republicans he will meet with house republi
of the law. jennifer carroll put a bill on the floor that would make those gaming terminals legal but she claim it is was a staffer that put it out there. >> it was a mistake. >> she has a consulting firm that runs these internet cafes so it was seen as a conflict of interest. she withdrew it. they've actually shut down a lot of these internet cafes. there was a federal investigation that involved the secret service and irs that raided and shut these operations down and now her association has brought her down. >> $290 million brought in to this charitable nonprofit organization. >> right. >> the reading that i was doing, only 2% of that money has actually gone to the charity? >> exactly. there was a federal law against excessively profiting from a nonprofit. because 2% of the money went to charities, meanwhile, the guys operating this business were taking in $1.5 million of the guy who ran it who is the fed of the fraternal order of union of the police union and it's a pretty convoluted story. >> as we get into the details of this, what do you think the ripple effects will be for governo
, the state with the highest rate of oh boast they pass a law that says you cannot do anything. life expectancy in that part of the country is 20 years lower than in our country. >> does the mayor have a point in. >> i am not sure where that stat came from. i cannot debate that. the statistics show we are the most obese state in the nation but the first lady was here celebrating our school initiative that shows that the childhood obesity rate in mississippi has decreased 13 percent. something is being done right without the government. >> some argue also that the government has a right to protect our citizens and if mississippi is the fattest state in the country does the government have a right to the do something? >> i believe there is a place for government to help us, through policy. to go after one industry and the food service industry and say can you not get a bill gulp, i don't think that will make any impact. the flaw in the reasoning is i like to go to instant and only buy a 16-ounce drink but who says i cannot buy two or three the. >> it seems like a hodgepodge and random
here in our studios along with george sekulow the director american center for law and justice, advocating for the pastor's release. thank you for being here today. very difficult, i know, to watch that video of yourself yesterday on capitol hill testifying about what you're going through, how difficult this has been. at this point where do things stand right now? are you getting any cooperation from the state department to try and secure release of your husband from na iranian jail? >> it was very difficult yesterday, but i'm glad i was trying not to be emotional, but i'm glad the american people and the congress got to see how we're suffering every day, me and my kids, and that prison. it was a very successful hearing in that we got to be able to speak about the persecution and his imprisonment. we're hoping that now there will be more action from the government and kerry, secretary kerry and the president especially. >> there were a lot of people at the hearing yesterday who wanted to hear what you had to say. and listening to you talking about the children, obviously, a ver
, it was not the observance of the law, but the justification obtained by the faith which abraham, cane from his desend dents the promise of inheriting the world. for that reason, since all depends on faith, all is grace, and so, the promise is assured for all of his descendents. not only for his legal descendents, but also for the descendent that is born from the faith of abraham who is the father of all of us, so says the scripture, i make you the father ofpeeplopl "people"s. that which calls into existence that which does not exist, abraham believed, relying on all hope, that he would become the father of many nations according to what he had said, thus will be your descendents, and for this reason, his justification was valid. >> people will notice that the readings are about fatherhood so nathan and david, the fatherhood of abraham and the gospel about jesus' foster father, joseph. >> and we've had one in english, one in spanish and the gospel will be in greek. >> very beautiful that the gospel is in greek, its original language, of course, but also on to the east in terms of reaching out to the eastern
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a vis what the law says. what we've got, mahony is over there reporting. they paid out $10 million. >> cardinal mahony from los angeles who oversaw a diocese in which there were several priests who serially -- >> yeah. i lived in l.a. for a long time so i can tell you that this broke up my parish that was there in l.a. so when you have this, you have boston. i can't wait if he really does set down cardinal law one thing this pope has done well. >> on these issues of the papacy, outside of the doctrinal questions, do i think that kind of accountability and what that means for a renaissance of the church or to reconnect catholics here. we'll talk about the church in latin america. as if knitting and tangled history. stick around. many women may not be absorbing the calcium they take as well as they could because they don't take it with food. switch to citracal maximum plus d. it's the only calcium supplement that can be taken with or without food. my doctor recommends citracal maximum. it's all about absorption. my doctor recommends citracal maximum. all stations come over to mithis
asked to have flexibility in implementing the existing welfare law. the administration said sure, as long as the changes you want to make don't weaken the rules on welfare and work. it was republican governors asking, republican governors and democratic governors and the obama administration says yes, provided we protect the welfare and work requirements. republicans decided to lie about it and say the president and the administration did exactly the opposite of what they actually did. he took the work requirements out of welfare. he just wants a free ride for everybody. he's buying votes with the free welfare, obama money. it's not true at all. it was the opposite of what the administration had done. the republicans thought they had something. mitt romney made a campaign ad out of it. a few days before the election, romney made another campaign ad out of the same untrue thing. it was a lie. it was debunked. it was one of the brighter, more obvious campaigns of a campaign filled with lies. it was the lie you only try in the hottest heat of an election year when you are desperate
accept? under the laws of the catholic church, from the moment he says i accept, he professes what the law describes as full supreme and universal authority. in other words, he's the pope from that moment forward. >> that's when they begin the process of burning the ballots. >> that's right. after he accepts, he gives the cardinal his name, then the doors to the sistine chapel will be opened or have been opened by this stage, those helpers waiting outside the chapel will then be brought in, some help the pope get vested. others burn the ballots and produce the white smoke that brings this incredible dramatic news to the world. >> haven't had a fifth ballot pope in over 100 years, since they started this. >> and we got one tonight. >> stay tuned for the next 45 minute too minutes to an hour, because within that time frame we'll see for first time who that pope is, what his name is, and both his old name and the name he takes on as pope. and i can tell you right now, the tens of thousands of people in that square, many of them are calling up their friends and their family. soon there
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at the line of work that president obama went into. you know, it was a law professor and a community organizer. and i think he was probably a liberal from the jump. and ted cruise comes out of a different political atmosphere. texas is very different from chicago he has the experience and the background of a guy who made it from scratch in the state of texas, which is -- you know low tax opportunity state. and you see the effect it's had on these two men, not that they wouldn't have those convictions anyway you can see it. >> bill: the nation is going to have to decide i think in the next four years what kind of country they want. because this is not going to be able to compromised. it's too big. brit hume, everybody, living large down there in miami. if you need any help, brit, call us tonight and we will help you out. directly ahead, a grizzly murder in colorado. will the woman beat the rap? there she is. big beef tonight. those reports after these messages. >> bill: in the impact segment tonight, shocking criminal trial in phoenix, arizona. 32-year-old jodi arias has been charged with first
's right's issue. >> reporter: jennifer o'malley, one of the most recent women to defy church law and calls herself a woman priest. >> it is time to say that my call its as equal, and as a woman, as a human being i have got to break the law. >> reporter: the women priest movement began in 2002 with seven women ordained in apostolic succession, the same ceremony used for ordaining men, performed by a male bishop whose identity is kept secret to prevent his excommunication. ♪ >> reporter: since then the movement has grown to nearly 150 women priests worldwide with california leading the way. >> it is not just about ordaining women, it is about broader justice issues, issues of inclusiveness. it is about issues of sexuality. >> reporter: the archdiocese of los angeles wouldn't talk to us about the story, saying it doesn't comment on anything outside the archdiocese. but the women's movement has not been ignored by the vatican. in 2010 it labeled the ordination of women a grave crime. the same label it has given to pedophilia. but it went a step further, excommunicating any woman who seeks or
. >> i thought against law and odds in a deep blue state but i was a severely conservative republican governor. >> romney will have his swan song at cpac also on saturday at 5:00 p.m. releasing the results of the straw poll. no one wants to make too much of any straw poll. do note this. interesting trend. the last three gop presidential nominees either finished first or second at some point in their bids at cpac. romney finished first or second every single year in the cpac straw poll from 2007 to 2012. up next, pope francis begins his first full day at the vatican. we'll head live to rome where the first latin american pope and first jesuit is sending a strong message about change in the church. >>> and karzai clash. the strained relationship with the afghan president and what it means as the u.s. tries to wind down america's longest war. first, a look ahead at today's politics planner. it is loaded with cpac and the president headed to the senate. and he also meets with house democrats. how many cpac speakers who happen to be senators will skip cpac and favor the president? you're w
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500 companies, major law firms, and the military. in terms of the percentage of senior leadership positions that are held by women. now, that said, i think it is clear that there still is an image problem for the catholic church when it comes to women. there is a perception that this is a patriarchal boys' club. i think one of the challenges facing pope francis and church leaders at other levels is to try to counteract that by in every way they possibly can, putting women forward in meaningful leadership positions so that people can see that the catholic church wants to hear the voice of women. >> we've got to leave it there. ashley, i appreciate you being with us. thank you, john allen and father cutie, as well. coming up, the center of the excitement as the new pope stepped out. miguel marquez was right there. what he saw, next, and what it feels like to be there. >>> and later, two american college students who had a front-row seat interned at the vatican. we'll talk to them ahead. for those nights when it's more than a bad dream, be ready. for the times you need to double-chec
campaign, was a big part of the 2000 campaign, moved to texas and is now trying to enter texas law. >> if he wanted to speak spanish? >> well, naturally. 19 minutes after the hour. >>> one tiny mistake will mean weeks of waiting for hundreds of thousands of taxpayers who hired a pro in hopes of a fast refund. did it happen to you? >>> welcome back to "early start," 23 minutes after the hour. we are "minding your business" this morning. it has been an amazing run on wall street. >> absolutely. >> the dow closed at a record high yesterday. the blue chip have risen for eight straight sessions, marking the longest winning streak in two years. and right now, stock futures are pointing to a mixed open. >> keep it going! >> oh, yes. >>> so, google has reached a multimillion settlement over how it collected its map images. the tech giant is saying 37 states a total of $7 million. google admitted three years ago when it sent around cars and cameras to collect images for the streetview component, the cameras also collected information like passwords and e-mails from unencrypted wi-fi network
ohio law that meets the standard for rape. but social media has run bad inflammatory information about everything from five or six rapists to a police cover-up. also nasty, taunting of the victim. >> she has been victimized the first time. she is victimized by social media. and starting tomorrow she will have to testify in court. report property now attorney general mike dewine says the evidence against the two football players is solid enough to get a conviction or his office would not have brought the case. the defense has another take. the defense says there is no solid evidence, only testimony from witnesses. therefore his burden will be only to punch holes in the credibility of statements made by teenagers who were drunk at the time. bill? bill: if that is the case, mike, is this a trial where the alleged victim is on trial? >> reporter: the short answer is yes. the defense won't phrase it that way but the defense will bring testimony and evidence that this girl consented, their claim she consented because she chose to drink too much. she chose to get in the car. she even romantic
commanders would have the same power that a judge in the court of law should have. particularly as a crime as serious and disgusting as rape or sexual assault. let's be honest the stat the man gave about the male victims in the military. >> 56% of all assaults are men. >> get this, of the 2,439 formal reports submitted back in 2011, only 240 actually went to trial. 240 of 2400. that is astounding. we have some serious issues. a culture we need to break in the military. that is scary. >> the president has asked for $525 billion for the department of defense budget. let's hope some of that goes to resolving this problem. >> bringing folks to justice. >> yes. >> when we come back, celebrities in their own unique way react to the new pope. >> you are watching "world news now." we'll be right back. >> announcer: "world news now" continues after this from our abc stations. ♪skinny so skinny >> the news everyone was glued to the tv about yesterday. >> the pope. >> selection of the new pope the you saw the white smoke come out of the chimney and big things were about to happen. of course, celebr
someone who is equally law-abiding. i am a threat to no one. as for big gulps, this is another battle being waged by the left. they did not ban cappuccinos because their donors drink them. imagine how the great unwashed likes that. it is a basic attack on your simple pleasures, and it is one of many -- the right to smoke, the right to get a tan. stand up for your rights to please yourself. >> american seniors -- should they be more afraid of our private social a separate accounts or "obamacare"? >> senior should not be as afraid as they are. i think both parties get a lot, especially the democratic, but republicans, that is scaring people, and it is wrong. mostis the safest and secure country in history, and all of us, every person, will die. the faster we accept that, the happier we will be. that said, you ought to be concerned with a government that decides it has the power and the knowledge to determine choices of what kind of health care you should pursue against that. you should not let them take away your big gulps. people my age ought to be concerned about this attempt to organ
if they support it, and then it would become law that way. >> the new york association of convenience stores, you can guess what they will say in response. they said this. the notion of forcing retailers to hide their tobacco inventory is patently ab such from jim calvin, the president. i'm not a smoker and i actually would be fine if every single person in the world would commit smoking tomorrow, but there is something here that seemed unfair to what he's doing to store owners. the new york association of convenience stores, it will impact the small store owner that is selling something that's legal? >> it's kind of a profound question of what you think government should do. as the mayor said, 7,000,ers die a year. is the job to treat them in the hospitals and pat them on the head as they die coughing? or can the government take steps to nudge people. just nudge them. not tell people that they can't smoke, but make it slightly more inconvenient and hope that reduces smoking. >> the mayor said there is a record reduction. 18% down to 8%. not done by hiding cigarettes. so something was effective.
: the promise of inheriting the world was not made to abraham and his descendants on account of any law. but on account of the righteousness which consists in faith. that is why what fulfills the promise depends on faith, so that it may be a free gift and be available to all of abraham's descendants. not only those who belong to the law. but also those who belong to the faith of abraham, who is the father of all of us. as scripture says, i have made you the ancestor of many nations. abraham is our father in the eyes of god. in whom he put his faith and who brings the dead to life and calls into being what does not exist. though it seemed abraham's hope could not be fulfilled, he hoped and he believed. and through doing so, he did become the father of many nations, exactly as he had been promised. your descendants will be as many as the stars. this is the faith that was considered as justifying him. the word of the lord. thanks be to god. ♪ >> we just completed the second reading there. i wanted to pause because it was in spanish. and this is the first pope from latin america. and the
bloomberg is now taking aim at tobacco, again. he wants a first of its kind city law to force stores to hide cigarettes and tobacco products, under counters, behind curtains, in drawers, but not in plain sight. he explained his push on cnn's "the lead" with jake tapper. >> trying to deglamourtize, don't remind them, don't make it look like a normal product. cigarettes are not a normal product. >> reporter: the main goal is to get teen smoking rates to drop. the city says they've remained flat since 2007. tobacco shops like this one could be exempt because kids under 18 aren't allowed in. new york has led an aggressive fight against smoking and became one of the first cities to ban it in bars and restaurants. it now touts the drop in smoking rates, but it's not convincing retailers. the new york state association of convenience stores says the notion of forcing licensed, tax collecting, law-abiding retailers to hide their tobacco inventory is patently absurd. at the skyline deli, where a pack of cigarettes can cost almost $14 because of high taxes, muhammad akandi worries about the bottom lin
to block the road and hired a private security guard but california law requires public access. now, how is the drive, sue? >> slow from pleasant hill. we had an early accident on the shoulder and brake lights are beyond north main to highway 24. slow traffic to the hayward and san leandro area at 238 northbound at east port, an accident is just clearing. san jose, the early accident, north 101, beyond 280/680 is cleared but the slow traffic >> we are watching the sun over mounts tamalpais and well talk temperatures, we are at least five to nine degrees warmer-than-average. not as warm as yesterday because of the high clouds but well hit the low-to-mid 70's inland and mid-60's to 70 around the bay and upper 60's at the >>> check out this wild ride right there. behind the wheel in disguise is nascar superstar jeff gordon. appears to be a salesman on a jaw-dropping test drive. >> nice and easy. >> no, it wasn't that. the shock ad, has it gone too far going viral and millions overnight. more than 5 million people. >> i think you need dramamine to watch that ad. >>> also up ahead in this hal
took his talents to miami. another day another celebrity on capitol hill law and order star joined vice president joe biden and eric holder here in washington today to talk about domestic violence and the passing of the violence against women act. the actressed choked up several times about victims of violence and called bider her hero for his work. >> bill: yeah that was an important announcement yesterday, and they are giving out these grants to localities around the country to train people to look for signs and predictions of domestic violence, but an important way and will certainly waive lives. >> and former secretary of state condoleezza rice is doing more than just teaching now, she is helping recruit players for the college's football team. the cardinal's head coach often brings rice in as a, quote, cleanup hitter when trying to lock players into coming to the school. she reportedly enjoys doing it but no word if we'll see her on the sidelines as assistance coach. >> hasn't she said she wants to be commissioner of the nfl. >> yes. >> her name has been
in and managed to get enacted at the state and federal level laws that extinguished those stories. >> who is afraid of the nra, the cover story of bloomberg business week. great to have you on the show. more "morning joe" when we come back. all stations come over to mission a for a final go. this is for real this time. step seven point two one two. verify and lock. command is locked. five seconds. three, two, one. standing by for capture. the most innovative software on the planet... dragon is captured. is connecting today's leading companies to places beyond it. siemens. answers. a talking car. but i'll tell you what impresses me. a talking train. this ge locomotive can tell you exactly where it is, what it's carrying, while using less fuel. delivering whatever the world needs, when it needs it. ♪ after all, what's the point of talking if you don't have something important to say? ♪ ♪ right. but the most important feature of all is... the capital one purchase eraser. i can redeem the double miles i earned with my venture card . and with a few clicks, this mission never happened. uh
that a lot of people were hoping that the 115 cardinals would elect jesus christ, with an mba and a law degree. but he simply wasn't in the room. 115 flawed men were in that room. and they elected pope francis. a little historical perspective. we're sitting yards away from where the first pope was crucified upside down, st. peter. and jesus said, peter, you're rock. on you, i will build my church. but that was a cracked rock. peter, who denied jesus three times, first pope and a saint. now, we have pope francis, who may have had some things people don't like. but this is a humble man who walked out on that balcony and said, i want you first to pray for me before i can pray for you. this is an amazing testimony. this is a man who supposedly gave up his palace where he was living, to live in a simple apartment because he wanted to be more of the common person. he rode the bus, rather than be chauffeured in his vehicle. >> you wonder how he's going to be able to deal with the new life as a pope, which, you know, people kiss his ring. let's move on. let's talk about the flaws because this p
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